how to start building material business in 2021

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How to start building material business

Hello friends, today we will talk about the business of building materials, if you are willing to invest a lot of capital and want to earn more profit, then you must do this business, because there is a work that goes on continuously and in the future. The demand for this business will always be there, our country is a developing country, so all the time some construction work is going on, in which not only big constructions but houses, shops are always being built, obviously when If such construction will not stop, then its raw material i.e. building material will be required, so you can start a business by investing a lot of capital in its business. So friends, let us know in detail how to start the business of building materials?
how to start building material business in 2021
how to start building material business in 2021

First of all we will know

What is meant by business of building materials?

If you have ever got your house or shop or any kind of construction work done, then you can understand its business very well. Actually, when any construction work is done, it requires many types of building materials like, cement, rebar, angle, brick, ballast, sand or soil and to fulfill these needs, the business that is done is called building Material business

How to start building material business

do market research

Not only building materials, but doing market research before doing any business, that is, checking the market is the hallmark of a good entrepreneur. Therefore, before doing business of building material, you have to check your market whether it is needed in the area where you want to carry out this work or not, many times it happens where we are going to do business. There, many people are already killing flies, that is, it would not be right for you to do any business in such a place, apart from this, you should also see that if any of your rivals are already present in the market, then at what rate they should give an item. And will you also be able to make that item available at the same price? Many times it happens that people working for a long time provide building materials at low cost, their business is stagnant, and because your business is in the initial stage, it becomes your compulsion to charge reasonable price. But in such times one should not panic but focus on your performance.

space requirement

It is very important to have enough space to keep all the items of building material, whether it is ballast, rebar or angle or cement. You cannot keep all the building materials together, it will also be necessary to keep them properly so that you do not have any kind of problem while giving it to the customer, your time can be wasted if the space is tight because one material has to be removed from the other. You will have to remove it from the road, then you will have to work or get it done again to bring it back to the same condition.

For the business of building materials, you will need a minimum space of 50 square feet, apart from this you will need a warehouse of the same size in which you can keep some important materials like cement along with pipes, steel pipes, etc.

necessary equipment

Now know what will be the basic needs to start this business

Before selling a material, it is necessary to weigh it, so you will need one or two weighing scales.

'Your business is of material, so whoever your customers may be, they will have to buy goods and take them through some vehicle, so you will need a commercial vehicle, commercial connection for electricity, etc. Apart from this, you will need human resources i.e. laborers. You can hire laborers according to your work. now we know that

Cost to start a building material business

It is very important to know that how much will be the total cost in this business, so I would like to say in simple language that it depends on your financial capability that how much amount you can invest to do this business. Generally, 20 to 25 lakhs are required to do this business, in which if you add the cost of building materials, then it can be even more, although you can start from a small level, although you have The option of loan is also available but, in the beginning, doing business by taking loan will not be able to give that much profit, so start the business at least cost and take loan according to the demand of the market, there are many building material sellers who have all the materials. All of them are in borrowing only, as the sale takes place, so does their payment. The advantage of this is that you only have to spend money on your own resources.

License for building material business

 To start this business, it is very important for you to have a license issued by any authority. You will have to get industry registration for your business under MSME, apart from this you have to get trade license and GST registration, business license not only saves you from government affair but it also helps you to take loan.

How to market building material business?

Marketing is the means of a business, on the basis of which the business can reach many places, nowadays many types of marketing have come, especially social media, Google, but this type of marketing for any small items like everyday items, clothes etc. used here
The business of building material is completely practical, here only the customers who buy the goods come here, so for this business you have to adopt completely traditional marketing such as print media, television, local news channel or magazine, pamphlet etc.

How much can one earn from building materials business?

This business is also called a very profitable business. But whatever be the business, you can benefit more only when you do not have any rival, people come only and only to you, but what if you are surrounded by your rivals?

Then it is wrong to say that your profit will not be there. You must have seen that many brands of the same product are available in the market, some are cheap and some will be expensive. But it is that which is durable and good. In the same way, no matter how many problems you want, you can maintain your separate identity by keeping the price and quality of your product better in the market and one thing is that dealing with the customer is very important in this business. Maintain good dealings with customers. As far as the profit is concerned, the more customers will come to you, the profit will be the same, apart from this, if you are thinking of earning 15 thousand by investing 10 thousand then it is wrong. Your budget will be more than the demand of the customer, then only the profit can be more.


How To Start Cosmetic Business


how to start cosmetic business

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how to start cosmetic business

Today, if there is more demand for any business in the market, then it is the cosmetic business, yes friends, if you want to do cosmetic business, then you probably already have an idea that how popular this business is.

 Be it bus stand or any crowded place or nook of the village, you will get to see this business everywhere, the business of cosmetic is also called business of Manihari in common language. 
how to start cosmetic business
how to start cosmetic business

Although many items also come in it, so where only cosmetic business would not be appropriate, but most of the ingredients are there, so this is called cosmetic business, the demand for this business is also high because the profit is very high. 

However, there are many ways to earn profit as well. Today in this post we will tell you how you can do cosmetic business and how much will it cost you to do this business and what things you have to take care of doing cosmetic business, so let's know friends. How do you do business?

First of all we will know

What is cosmetic business?

Cosmetic is an English word which in Hindi refers to the thing which is used for cosmetics. These cosmetics are mostly used by women. 

Women use many types of cosmetics, in which there are many items like cream, powder, bindi, lipstick, vermilion and many more. 

And almost every woman uses these cosmetics, due to which the demand for cosmetic items increases further, and when the sale of these cosmetic cosmetics is called cosmetic business.

do market research

Before starting the cosmetic business, it is very important to check the market, nowadays so much commission has come in this business that any trader tries to do this business in very least capital. 

Although this business keeps on flourishing on the basis of time, so small and fat traders may start this business but they are not able to do much. 

Meaning, whatever items are there in this business, according to the time or say the era of fashion, something new keeps changing all the time, so if an entrepreneur has a product for a long time or cannot be sold, then he has to face the loss. 

falls. And if someone has started business with minimum capital, then he is not able to survive in the market for long.

 If you take the average of all the products in this business, then you save half the price of the product, but again and again on the basis of time, the demand for different products reduces your profits manifold. 

So if you want to do cosmetic business then first of all prepare yourself for this situation.

Apart from this, from where you take the goods for cosmetic business, it is also very important, if you are in any corner of India, 

you should search the price of a product and find out the price of the same product in Delhi. 

Most of Cosmetic products available at lowest price in Delhi or nearby areas like Allahabad, Kanpur, Lucknow. Well, let's talk about this further and know that

make business plan

Before doing any business, if you make a business plan for it, then it can be easy to do business. 

Business plan contains all the same information, with the help of which you can run your business easily without any hindrance. 

What do you have to do in the beginning, what do you have to do in the middle, if you need money urgently, how will you do it? Add all the things step by step in your business plan, make an easy business plan that you do not have to think in understanding. 

Yes, keep in mind that do not spend all your time just in making a business plan, it is often seen that people take the business plan too seriously and stay stuck on the business plan for a long time.

Select location for cosmetic business

Suppose you have set up a cosmetic shop in a factory area, or on a lonely deserted road, do you think you will run the shop there? No !

You must have seen that the cosmetic business is mostly done in such places where people keep coming and going, you will find many such places in the market, where you can do this business. 

No highway is required to do this business, you just have to keep in mind where people keep coming, such as bus stand, or any intersection, even in the market where there is a crowd, 

although this retail shop There is no information about the location, if you talk about wholesale, then you can do it anywhere in the market. Because in the wholesale business, your customers are not the people but the merchants who have done the cosmetic business.

Required license and registration

Most of the shops in the market run without license or registration, but if your business continues to run well and there are legal speculations in the middle, it is better that you complete the necessary legal process,

 although it is only for you, if you have your own business. If you apply for a loan, you can easily get a loan, so let's know how you will need a license and registration?

First of all you will need permission from Municipal Corporation to run the business

Do not forget to get the GST registration of your business done

You have to register your business in Udyog Aadhaar.

A current account has to be opened for your shop transactions.

cost in cosmetic business

The cost in this business depends on many factors. This business is such that the more you spend in it, the more you will profit, if you shop in the market, 
then first of all you have to spend money on the decoration of your shop ie interior design, 30 to 40 percent of your capital will be spent on the shop. 

can be on the decoration | Apart from this, add as many products as you can in this business. 

You must have also seen many such shops in the market which are running without any decoration and you must have seen some such shops which looks like a fair has taken place. 

This is the only cost difference, if you do a wholesale shop then you will not need much decoration but if you open a retail shop then you have to make the shop better and better. 

So let's talk about the cost of getting the interior design done, it can cost you 50 thousand to 1 lakh rupees. You will need 4 to 5 lakhs for the product in the same shop. I said above that the cost depends on many factors. for example

How much do you keep in the shop?

How much do you spend on interiors?

How much do you spend on your shop workers?

How much can I earn from cosmetic business?

You can earn twice the cost in the cosmetic business. Provided that you should not have a shortage of customers, if there are less customers, then your product which has just come new in the market will not be able to sell, 

due to which in a few days it will be the old design which people will not like to buy, this is the only reason why Your profits may keep from doubling. If you keep your shop up to date, then your chances of making a profit also increase. 

If seen in an approximate way, the more capital you invest in this business, the more you can reduce. If you take out the average then if you invest 50 thousand then you will earn 100 rupees but if you invest 5 lakh then you can easily earn 1000.

Things to keep in mind in the cosmetic business

Always be updated in this business, keep adding new products

Keep such products which are easily liked by the customers, do not keep the product without reason

get on well with customers

Keep female employee for female customer so that women feel comfortable in expressing their choice

Have good quality products, which are more popular

Pay attention to the decoration of the shop

Keep complete cosmetic products so that customers do not have to go to another shop for any product

There are many types of products in this business, which are afraid of being harmed only by seeing the customer, so do not show any product carelessly.

What advice would you give for this business?

Friends, it is very important for you to be ready to run any business. You already know that this is a business related to women whose demand always remains in the market. 

But to remain in demand, fashion keeps on changing with time, due to which the products of fashion also keep changing. Our advice for this business is that when you have enough capital, then only start this business.

 In starting this business in less money, you will not be able to carry forward your business even after staying in the market for a long time, if you wait for some time and do this business with the right backup plan, then you can get good success. is 

| It is necessary in this business because there is more than one trader in every angle of India. Do not overtake them, go ahead to do a good business, treat the customers well,

So friends, tell us how did you like this post written on the cosmetic business, you can comment below for any kind of question or suggestion and do not forget to share it with your friends, thank you.

Symptoms of Hemoglobin in Children

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Symptoms of Hemoglobin in Children

hemoglobin for children
hemoglobin for children

Parents are often surrounded by many problems related to children, one of them is about the level of hemoglobin of children. Due to the low hemoglobin of children, we often see many diseases in children. Therefore in this article we will discuss what is hemoglobin of children? How much hemoglobin should a child have? What are the effects of having low or high hemoglobin on children? If there is a deficiency of hemoglobin in the body, then how does a child deal with that deficiency? What are the symptoms of hemoglobin deficiency in children? And what should we do to increase hemoglobin deficiency in children?

What is Hemoglobin?

Hemoglobin means in shortcut we say Hb. Which is an important and essential protein present in red blood cells (RBC) and it helps in maintaining the structure of our blood cells (RBC). 

child How much blood should I have?

Normally a newborn baby has 270ml i.e. one cup of blood. Babies have on average higher hemoglobin levels than adults.

Below you can know the normal hemoglobin level of your child according to age.

The amount of normal hemoglobin in the blood of children from 0 to 30 days is 13.4 to 9.9 g/dl.

The amount of normal hemoglobin in the blood of children from 31 to 60 days is 10.7 to 17.1 g / dl.

The amount of normal hemoglobin in the blood of 2 to 3 months old babies is 9.0 to 14.1 g/dl.

The amount of normal hemoglobin in the blood of babies of 3 to 6 months is 9.5 to 14.1 g/dl.

The amount of normal hemoglobin in the blood of 6 to 12 months old babies is 11.3 to 14.1 g/dl.

The amount of normal hemoglobin in the blood of children from 1 to 5 years is 10.9 to 15.0 g/dl.

The amount of normal hemoglobin in the blood of children of 5 to 11 years is 10.9 to 15.0 g/dl.

The amount of normal hemoglobin in the blood of children of 11 to 18 years is 10.9 to 17.7 g/dl.

Symptoms of Hemoglobin in Children

Hemoglobin in Children Like your baby or toddler is falling ill again and again. His fever is repeating again and again. Or your child is feeling tired early. Or the child has become more irritable or is crying frequently. There is a decrease in the physical and mental development of the child. And due to the lack of hemoglobin, the hands will start looking more white. By some such symptoms, we can know the deficiency of hemoglobin in children.

How children have to deal with the deficiency of Hemoglobin.

Due to the lack of hemoglobin found in red blood cells (RBC), children get tired, frequent dizziness, rapid heart rate, gasping or chest pain, white body, due to many such symptoms, we can call a disease like anemia. can recognize. Due to the low hemoglobin level of the baby, the kidney problem can also be seen in the baby. Due to the deficiency of hemoglobin, the oxygen carrying capacity in the body also decreases.

If you find symptoms of such Hemoglobin in your child too, then it is important that you get your child treated with your family doctors or a specialist. Or take your child to a hospital immediately. Lack of blood in the body of children can prove to be very dangerous for your baby.

In the above article, we have given information about the deficiency of hemoglobin in children. Along with this, the symptoms of Hemoglobin deficiency in children are also told. If you see such symptoms in your child, then immediately show him to the doctors.

If you want to know about the symptoms and remedies of children's hemoglobin in Hindi, then you click here.


laghu udyog full info-2021 ride on small scale industries your future In view

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laghu udyog full info-2021 ride on small scale industries your future In view

laghu udyog full info-2021
laghu udyog full info-2021

of the rising unemployment rate in our country, how to start a small business sector i.e. how to start a small scale industry (laghu udyog) has become very important. Today, for the illiterate-educated youth, to shape their future. And can prove to be a good factor for building a better future.

We all know that micro industries, small industries, and medium industries are the main part of the industrial economy of our country. Which is also a means of employment generation on a large scale in the country.

But today due to the ongoing recession at the global level and disasters like covid-19, our economy has become very sluggish, due to which the means of employment generation have been limited. And due to this, the unemployment rate in the country is setting many new highs. In this article, we will learn about how to start all small scale industries related to the small business sector, as well as how and from where we can get financial assistance to start laghu udyog. We will discuss all these topics in detail.

What is small scale industry? what is laghu udyog?

In general perception, we keep cottage industry, village industry and small scale industry in the same category. But there are many differences in this. As we define cottage industry as family and traditional.

But in laghu udyog we can do the products planned with modernity on a small scale as well as include in such industry done locally which requires investment from limited capital and less amount of labor resources.

But there are many such industries which come under the category of cottage industry and rural industry, we can convert it into small scale industry by connecting it with modernity at one level.

Like to produce milk by rearing cows or buffaloes, rearing chickens, goats, emus, pigeons or any traditional business, which we can establish in small scale industry through mechanization, labor and transportation management, and marketing. Is.

But apart from popular belief, defining laghu udyog as per government parameters completely depends on its investment, size and turnover. For the determination of which small scale industries have been divided into three categories,

1) Micro Business, 2) Small Business, 3) Medium Business, of which we have two main streams of industries ( service sector and construction sector) by different parameters.

1) Micro Business: - Where the financial limit for plant, machinery and other investments in the construction sector is limited to Rs 2 lakh to Rs 25 lakh. At the same time, the financial limit for micro business investment in the service sector does not go beyond Rs 10 lakh.

2) Small Business:- Fixation of financial limit for plant, machinery and other investments in construction sector increases in the range from Rs.25 lakh to Rs.5 crore and for laghu udyog in government ratio for service sector 10 lakh to 2 crore has been fixed.

3) Medium Business: - The allocation in the construction sector for medium industries has been fixed for more than 5 crores and less than 10 crores for plant, machinery and other investments. and has been earmarked for equipment and other investments from Rs 2 crore to Rs 5 crore for the service sectors.

Which we understand through a table.
 All prices in RupeesConstruction SectorService Sector
Micro Industry2 lakh * -25 lakh *2 lakh * -10 lakh *
Small scale industry25 lakh * – 5 crore *10 lakh * – 2 crore *
Medium industry5 crore * – 10 crore *2 crore * – 5 crore*

Importance of small scale industry in the economy Importance of

small scale industry in the economy of the country is underlined in many ways. From small villages to corporations, in big cities, many types of jobs are created through laghu udyog, due to which the per capita income increases in the country.

Today, more employment is being generated in our country from micro, small and medium industries than from large scale industries. Along with this, the ability of small scale industries can be developed to contain the growing population of cities in their villages.

Determination of income through employment of a person associated with laghu udyog can change his lifestyle and fill him with happiness.

Due to which the country's economy gets run on a large scale and the biggest question of employment of unorganized workers in the country, which is in front of the country, can get rid of it to a great extent.

Therefore, in the annual and five-year budget of the government, there are many types of provisions for small scale industries. So that there can be many means of employment for the unorganized workers and the economy can be strengthened while reducing the burden of the country's economy.

established by the Government of India in the year 1955 for the promotion of micro, small and medium industries as well as for the creation of skilled workers and for all kinds of assistance with financial guidance. Limited National Small Industries Corporation(NSIC) waswas established.

National Small Industries Corporation Limited -NSIC

The basic objective ofNational Small Industries Corporation Limited is to promote and disseminate the schemes made by the government for micro, small and medium industries well. Along with this, the benefits of other schemes also promote laghu udyog.

NSIC not only works for the development of laghu udyog issued by the government, but also makes efforts for financial assistance with skill development, machinery material, raw material, technology, technology support along with training to small scale entrepreneurs.

Which can encourage small scale industries and also tries to increase employment opportunities from small scale industries.

Along with this, NISC plays a coordinating role in small scale industries and well-known companies, as well as organizes exhibitions and advertisements for many small and cottage industries.

First let us know what are the benefits of laghu udyog.

  • With the help of his skill and interest, any person can start his business from any place with less capital.
  • Any Indian citizen can take advantage of the schemes and subsidies related to it for small
  • scale industries and can develop more earning potential in the small scale industry at least cost.
  • Earlier, the eligibility criteria of government schemes of small scale industries were fixed on the basis of investments, which today, on the basis of investment and turnover, the eligibility criteria have been relaxed.
  • Government assistance is provided for any product produced in Laghu udyog for the purpose of exporting easily.

NSIC, Udyog Aadharregistered with, and MSME data bank certain percentage of product is reserved for purchase garrenty of laghu udyog.

Keep these things in mind for laghu udyog,

it is necessary to take care of some things before starting any laghu udyog. It is not that you cannot start a small scale industry without financial assistance from any bank or any financial institution, if you yourself are financially capable, then you can start a small scale industry without taking financial help from any third party. As soon as you take financial help from a third party ie bank or any financial institution, then you have to fallow many steps according to the rules. But even when you start your laghu udyog without any financial support, you should follow some steps so that you can get the benefits of many types of government facilities.

own How to start your small scale industry?

We see many types of dreams in life. In many ways, you also think about making your dreams come true. One of the dreams is that how we can start our own small scale industry. Develop it well. With that small business, we can give employment to 2,4 people and bring a change in their lives along with us. To improve your lifestyle. We have many dreams like this.

But we do not know from where to start? Which business should we do? In what ways should we meet financial aid needs? How should we develop and grow our business? You are looking for answers to all these questions. and gets disappointed.

But in this article we will tell you step by step how to start a small scale industry and how you can build and develop your business.

First of all select the subject.

The most important thing for how to start a small scale industry is that when you are thinking about small scale industry, what business ideas are coming in your mind? For this, you have to first choose the topic of your interest. Whatever work you can do with interest. You find it fun and enjoyable to do that work. Or do you have a good grasp on that subject. Or you have very good and detailed information about that subject. You must first make a good list of such works or small scale industries.

Make your own consent for a topic.

  • Now analyze the topics taken in your list keeping some points in mind.
  • Which topic you have listed can prove to be more beneficial to people. Or necessary and important to the people.
  • Which subject has more competition in the local market among the listed subjects? And how that topic is being branded in the local market.
  • Can we do branding of that subject a little different from the market.
  • How can we depend on raw material as well as mechanical and labor tools.
  • We should collect the suggestions and opinions given by many guides on the topic we have chosen. which we can collect correct and sufficient data for that subject
  • How many customers can you add in the initial stages for a topic?

In this way when we start our laghu udyog then it is mandatory for us to have all the data related to that subject. Because nowadays competition has increased in every field. Whether it is a large scale industry or a laghu udyog. Whatever subject you want to make your small scale industry, it is mandatory to have data from raw materials to all the value of the market. With which you can keep a back up plan ready for your business.

Prepare your plan for the selected small scale industry.

Now that you have targeted a business idea, then you should first prepare a good and accurate plan for it. By which you reduce the risk of drowning in your business and you too can proceed with a plan. You have to prepare such a plan for your business in which you will add every little thing about your business idea. Like…

  • according to your subject, what kind of place will you choose for your laghu udyog.
  • What should be the adequate means and system to connect with your customers easily.
  • How much should you invest in your small scale industry and how much financial support will you need.
  • In how much targeted time can your investment in laghu udyog make returns.
  • While choosing the people to join your laghu udyog, you should choose the right people. The sinking of the business depends on many such factors.
  • Study all the tiniest things from raw materials to transportation.

It is very important for you to connect your business with google map as well as social media, so that you can establish good bonding with your customers.

Register Your Laghu Udyog

Whenever you want to start a new business or business, it is not mandatory for you to register it, but you definitely have the benefit of registering. Through which you give information about your business to the government. From which we can get the benefit of many schemes issued by the government for small scale industries. And the government also gets tax.

There are two types of registration for small scale industries. Before the start of your laghu udyog, you have to do provisional registration and it is valid for 6 months which is issued by the state directorate of industries.

When our small scale industry starts production and the validity of our temporary registration is over then we can apply for permanent registration for our laghu udyog in front of the state directorate of industries.

Registration is not mandatory for micro, small and medium industries. But you definitely have its benefits. For example,

  1. there is a provision of many types of reservation for small scale industries, whose direct benefit can be
  2. given to you, under the Income Tax Act, there is an exemption in direct tax.
  3. Registration makes it easy to get a loan in the bank.
  4. The interest rate on loans given on small scale industries is very low.

How to apply for laghu udyog registration?

Earlier, applications were made for registration through offline methods, for which a lot of rounds had to be made in the small scale industry office. But today the Government of India has made this process of MSME very simple by doing it online. For which you have to go to the portal of Udyam Registration and fallow to MSME / Udyam Registration process. And along with the details of your Aadhar card, other important information has to be uploaded accurately. With which you can get the registration of your laghu udyog absolutely free.

This is a completely free process issued by the government and you do not need to upload any kind of documents for online registration. Your Aadhaar number has been made mandatory for this. Therefore, it is necessary to have Aadhar card for its registration. Also, from 2021, GST number and PAN number have also been included in the mandatory.

Small Industries Loan Scheme For

self-employment along with micro, small and medium industries, many schemes have been implemented by the central and state governments, whose aim is to motivate the youth of the country towards industry and self-employment and also strive for their self-reliance.

he country towards industry and self-employment and also strive for their self-reliance.

The economy of the country also gets a boost as well as new jobs are created.

Finance schemes released by the government for laghu udyog

  • Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana
  • Prime Minister's Employment Scheme
  • Credit Guarantee Fund Scheme for Small Scale Industries
  • Credit Link Capital Subsidy Scheme
Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojna Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana has been started by the Government of India since the year 2015 to start small and laghu udyog. The main objective of this scheme is to provide easy financial assistance for self-employment as well as to create employment.

Three types of loans are provided under the Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana.

1) Shishu Mudra Loan in which there is a provision to provide an amount up to Rs 50,000 for the start up of small business.

2) Kishore Mudra Loan, in which loans ranging from Rs 50,000 to 5 lakhs are made available for small and small scale entrepreneurs. likewise

3) Under Tarun Mudra loan, loans ranging from Rs 5 lakh to Rs 10 lakh are provided for laghu udyog.

You can apply for Pradhan Mantri Mudra Loan from any nationalized bank to start your small scale industry.

Prime Minister's Employment Scheme

The Prime Minister's Employment Scheme has been implemented by the Government of India in 1993 to provide self-employment and self-employment to educated unemployed youth. The main objective of which is to provide self-employment pact for urban and rural unemployed youth. In this scheme, along with providing loans, 10 to 15 days training is also done for the economically weaker youths in related subjects.

Some criteria have been given for the Prime Minister's Employment Scheme like,

  • Applicant age should be 18 to 35 years.
  • Minimum educational qualification should be 8th pass.
  • The family income of the applicant should not exceed Rs.40,000/- per annum.
  • The applicant should have a permanent residence of at least 3 years.
  • The applicant should not be a loan defaulter of any bank / co-operative bank / nationalized financial institution.

Under the Pradhan Mantri Rozgar Yojana, subsidy is given to the beneficiaries up to 15% for the general category and 25% for the reserved category.
Small Industries Loans by Other Financial Banks
Many of the financial banks listed below provide key details of business loans and small business loans.

1HDFC BANK11.90% to 21.35% p.a.up to 50 lakhs12 Months – 48 Months
2CAPITAL FLOAT15% to 24% per annumRs.5 Lakh – Rs.50 Lakh12 Months – 36 Months
3CAPITAL FIRSTas per the prescribed terms and conditionsRs.3 Lakh – Rs.75 Lakh12 Months – 60 Months
4RBI Bankas per the prescribed terms and conditionsUp to Rs.10 Lakh12 Months – 60 Months
5IIFL FINANCE16% to 30% per annumup to 50 lakhs12 Months – 36 Months
6BANK OF BDRODAas per the prescribed terms and conditionsUp to Rs.5 Lakhas per the prescribed terms and conditions
7AXIS BANKas per the prescribed terms and conditionsRs.50,000 – Rs.50 lakhas per the prescribed terms and conditions

Focus on your business

When your business starts, you first need to focus on quality and production. For this, you have to keep maximum focus on your business. Also, do not ignore the fact that you should have complete data of expenses and income coming with you.
You need to pay maximum attention to the sales of your product in the initial phase. For which you can connect many people to your business as well as you can spend a limited budget on advertisements.
In the initial phase, you will have to work hard to reach your product to the people. To build the trust of your product in people, it is very important to give a good service to you.
You have to learn to incorporate new things in your business. So that you can always be updated against your competetor.

Laghu udyog list

Silkworm breeding
Mushroom processing
Potato making vapors
goat farm
buff low form
Poultry farm
Milk processing business
Warmicompost fertilizers
Animal Feeding Project
Fish farming
Agri-tourism business
Bakery products
Production of chicken granule
Oil mill
Spice production
Salty produce
Ice cream production
Jam / jelly / sauce production
Cornflakes production
Noodles production
Dal mill
Papad and large production
Pumpcorn production
Pickles, marmalade production
Poha / Chuda production
Seed processing and packaging
Fruit juice unit
Makhana processing
Dessert production
Bottled water
Manufacture of cane furniture
Cement concrete pole
Plaster of Paris accessories
Mosquito repellent
Disposable diapers and sanitary napkins
Handmade paper
Bindi & Mehndi production unit
Agarbatti production
Candle production
Notebook / copy / file / folder output
Web software development and designing
Desktop Publishing & Screen Printing
Flax printing
Mobile and charger repairing
Air conditioning repairing
Two-wheeler repairing
Electric motor binding
Household electrical wiring and repairing
Beauty parlor
Dhaba / Hotel / Restaurant / Food on Wheels
Tent House & Event Management
Plastic vestry-processing
Paper cup and plate making
Bedseed, pillow cover construction
Manufacture of leather bags, belts, wallets and globes etc.

And you can do many such types of laghu udyog. For which we get very good help from the government. Which has many benefits which you all know very well. But the biggest advantage of all is that we do not have to leave our home, our village, or our native land and go anywhere. We can develop our business well in our village. And you can raise your standard of living to a great extent.
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