Start your own diagnostic center by taking the dr lal pathlabs franchise


Start your own diagnostic center by taking the dr lal pathlabs franchise.

Friends, what is dr lal pathlabs franchise? This question must have come to mind, but there will be many of you who would like to start a health related business. And they must know what is the Dr lal pathlabs franchise? 

Start your own diagnostic center by taking the dr lal pathlabs franchise
Start your own diagnostic center by taking the dr lal pathlabs franchise

 For such friends, how do we take the Dr lal pathlabs franchise today and start our business with it? Going to give this information. If you want to do health related business, then we will give detailed information about how important the Dr lal pathlabs franchise is for that in this article.

Health Related Business | 

Friends, whatever business is health related, it has always been valuable, it is profitable in many ways. By the year 2020, the healthcare industry of our country will become 200 billion US dollars i.e. about Rs 1,46,58,90,00,00,000.00. And by the year 2025, it will almost double, so you can imagine. How much profit is the healthcare industry, and what health related business can prove to be beneficial.

And today in this article we are talking about one such health related business which is going to be very beneficial for you, that is the Diagnostic Center.

What is a Diagnostic Center? 

Before we talk about the diagnostic center franchise? It is also necessary to know this. Friends, you know, whenever you go to a doctor, or a patient goes to a doctor, the doctors ask us or the patient to do some tests in order to get an accurate idea of ​​the disease, such as, blood Where do we go to do many types of tests like test, urine test, sugar test, HIV test. Where this test is done, only where does the diagnostic center go.

Where, according to the test, samples are taken from those things and sent to the library. And after the report comes, on seeing the doctors, the doctors make a perfect diagnosis of the disease and then cure the patient as soon as possible by taking the right treatment.

Getting into the Dr Lal Pathlabs Franchise What is Dr Lal Pathlabs?

There is no such person in the medical or health related field who does not know about dr lal pathlabs. It is a well known name in the diagnostic field. In 1949, Dr. S. Of. Lal had first started a diagnostic center in the capital Delhi as a health related business. And today the business of dr lal pathlabs continues to grow.

Today Dr. Lal Pathlabs Company has more than 2100 collection centers in more than 800 cities of the country. And slowly the business of these pathlabs is increasing.

 Why did Dr. Lal join Pathlab?

This one question must be coming in your mind, for which we give the answer. After all, why did we join this by taking the dr lal pathlabs franchise? What is so special about this company? So the answer is, 

Most of the labs of Dr lal pathlabs are  NABL certified by. Dr Lal Path Lab's labs CAP (College of American Pathologists) also have accreditation from. And at the same time it is also an ISO 9001 certified company.  

dr lal pathlabs employs an estimated more than 3000 people. And 55% of their staff performs the laboratory function. dr lal pathlabs has a fully qualified team of 147 pathologists, 8 radiologists, 13 microbiologists, 5 biochemists and 11 specialists with doctoral degrees. With more than 190 clinical labs and more than 17 outpatient service centers, dr lal pathlabs is today one of the most renowned and one of the top diagnostic center chains in India. 

 Friends, now you must have understood that if you want to start your career in pathology business then taking the dr lal pathlabs franchise can prove to be 100% beneficial for you.

What is the business model of dr lal pathlabs franchise

Friends, ever since there has been a boom in health related business, the companies related to it are engaged in expanding their business. Similarly, Dr lal pathlabs is also growing its business a lot. And is expanding its network all over the country by giving franchises. This thing proves to be very beneficial for you all.

Types of dr lal pathlabs franchise 

dr lal pathlabs gives you two types of franchises, in which you can invest at different costs. Whose requisition is also different.

  1. Diagnostic Center Franchise 

  2. Collection Center Franchise 

Diagnostic Center Franchise | dr lal pathlabs franchise

Friends, Diagnostic center franchise requires you to invest more. Because in this you need excluding labs and testing instruments. 

 There are more than 3000 different tests available in the diagnostic center, for which you also need a lot of space which is about 3500 sq.ft. Is. Also, your available land must be ground level.

Pathology, Radiology, Cardiology and Preventive health checkups are done in the diagnostic center, so it is mandatory to have experienced staff.

Most importantly, the cost of the diagnostic center is around 1.25 to 1.50 crores, and the franchise amount will also be added, which includes laboratory/testing equipment.

Collection Center Franchise | dr lal pathlabs franchise

There is no need to worry if you do not meet the proper parameters of the diagnostic center or do not fit into any of the terms and conditions. You can start your business by taking the franchise of the collection center.

A collection center franchise is quite different from a diagnostic center franchise and is also less costly, requiring much less equipment than a diagnostic center.

You do not need much space to start a collection center. For this only 200 sq.ft. Having 250 sq.ft of space is enough.

For this, you do not need to have experienced staff, but staff related to the medical field is required. And to start a collection center, you need a maximum cost of 2 to 3 lakh rupees.

What is the support from dr lal pathlabs?

dr lal helps a lot to open pathlabs franchises. As such, 

  • you get support from Dr lal pathlabs both offside and on side. Along with this, you are also given well-planned training.

  • A field assistant will also be given to you to support you.

  • Also the experts at the head office will help you with your franchise setup. Which will give you full support for marketing as well as advertising.

As The benefits of joining dr lal pathlabs franchise

you know any reputed brand always proves to be beneficial for us. Similarly there are many benefits we can get by joining the dr lal pathlabs franchise, like 

  • dr lal pathlabs is a huge brand in this health care. And their network is also huge. Which is spread almost all over the country. That's why a lot of customer trust is separated from this name.

  • The company gives you all kinds of franchise support. It is very important for our business setup.

  • If we want to do this business with less investment, then we can start it with less investment in the collection center. Which can prove to be a good profitable business for us.

  • Dr. Lal Path Lab report can be taken online. Dr. Lal Path Lab gives an online test report.

  • No eligibility rules have been made for Dr Lal Path Lab Diagnostics Franchise, meaning any person can join this company but the company definitely checks these four things as your experience.

How to apply for dr lal pathlabs franchise?

For registration of Dr. Lal Pathlabs Franchise, you have to go online and register. For this you have to go to the official website of Dr. Lal Pathlabs. [] By clicking on this link, you will reach the official website of Dr. Lal Pathlabs.

After visiting the website, the homepage of Dr. Lal Pathlabs website will open in front of you. Where you will see the option of login / sign in in the menu bar where you have to sign in.  

Later, on scrolling down the homepage, you will see a column of CONTACT US at the end of the page. In which you will see the option of franchise login.

As soon as you click on the option of Franchise login, where will you go to login.

As soon as you login, a form will open in front of you, which you will have to fill with your details. and have to submit.

As soon as you submit the form, the company will contact you in a few days and will tell you about the further process.

You can go to [ form } Direct Dr. Lal Pathlabs Franchise form from this link.)


Friends, start your Diagnostic Center by taking dr lal pathlabs franchise. Through this article on how to go to dr lal pathlabs franchise, we have provided you with complete information about dr lal pathlabs franchise. You can ask any question related to this in the comment box.

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