How to do digital marketing in low cost? in 2021

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How to do digital marketing in low cost
How to do digital marketing in low cost


How to do digital marketing in low cost?

Just as marketing is moving from physical to digital, in the coming time or say the present era, now it has become digital, not physical. Because last year people used to spend 200 minutes on the internet, which is going to be more than 300 minutes in the coming time. Think when people spend 5 hours only on mobile, then how much time will they have, from this it can be estimated that the attention of people is now moving towards digital rather than physical, whatever people want to see in newspapers or TV, it can be seen. Likes to watch on mobile in 2 seconds.

Earlier i.e. ten years ago, if people are watching an advertisement, then its time limit was 16 seconds, which is now 8 seconds i.e. if your advertisement is also not attractive then people will not see it. Now the era of data has come, well-known business man Mukesh Ambani has also said that in the coming time, data will work like an oxygen. As before, people have started liking to read less and watch anything, because now people can get more in less effort, there is motion, and vision with sound in the video. | Today any information appears in front of you just by speaking on mobile.


What happens in digital marketing?

See, Targeted Customer Interest Driven Content can be uploaded in Digital Marketing. In this, the product can be made available according to the nature of a person, his interest, his budget and his need. Whatever be your product, if you do digital marketing, then you can show that product only to the person who desperately needs it.

This happens that on one hand your time is saved, because you did not have to wait for the customer, who needed it, he took it himself. Secondly, your budget which is completely saved because you show your product to those who have no interest in your product. You only showed him the product he needed and you only had to pay his money for getting it. That too is not equal.

In digital marketing, you will connect only with your customers, you will not even meet those who are not your customers, that is, your conversion is fast, in traditional marketing, those who are not your customers will also have to face that means total time wast.

You can know everything about the customer which is necessary i.e. what he needs, how much he wants, how much he wants, in traditional marketing you can not know, because you do not know how is your customer angle, what he needs what not.

You also get your customer’s feedback quickly whereas traditional marketing is not available.

In digital marketing you can manage investment and returns. Cannot do in traditional because the more you invest, it is not guaranteed that as many customers will come.

If you want to do marketing in Dilli only in South area then you can do marketing only in South whereas in traditional marketing you have to do marketing in whole of Delhi.

So friends, this was some information about digital marketing, now we know that


How to do Digital Marketing in 7 Steps


.1. free training program

Here we are talking about digital marketing for less money, so if you can not keep more employees, and no work will be done in less money, so you keep a free training program so that people who will join you, that is, you will come to take training. Time can give training but second time give them a live project so that they can do the work of your customer, it will happen that people will also get free training and your work will be done in less cost.


2. Build Man Power

When you are giving training, you have prepared a project manager for you after giving training, after that you can add many types of work for your clients like SEO, SMO, PPC, SEM, Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, Inbound Marketing , Affiliate Marketing, Web Designing, Content Writing, Social Media Marketing or Complete Marketing Strategic but in such a situation you may have to spend more on your manpower, so now you have to adopt the next step


3. Adopt Remote Work Process

When you have the best clients, then you can get them to work from home by offering jobs to those who want to do digital marketing through remote work process. With this, it will happen that you will get a lot of people to work for less money and you will not even need office infrastructure for so many people, that is, you also save money to build an office. Apart from this, those people who are working from home can do referral marketing. Meaning when they add others for digital marketing, they will also get commission.


4. Affordable Digital Solution

See, when a digital marketing company starts growing, their customers also start getting bigger, that is, they do not pay attention to small customers, they need more money, so they start working for companies with more budget. | But you don’t have to do that. Keep in mind that keeping the budget in mind to your customers, if you give them a good solution, then this becomes the basis of the business.


5. Omni Channel Strategy

Understand carefully if you have a customer who is an interior designer and the customer of that interior designer is the customer who wants to get his home designed, then you have to send that customer through sms or through social media or through email marketing or By showing the video of YouTube, you have to somehow get that customer contact with the interior designer who is already your customer. This will mean that when your customer will benefit so much from being connected with you, then he will not leave you.


6. Don’t sell the product but show the result

What does common digital marketing do, if there is a budget of 1 lakh, then before marketing to the customer, they take 50 thousand advance, after 1 or 2 months they take the rest of the money and keep working for the customer. But you can avoid doing this, whatever your basic cost is, you can take it as an advance, but do not take money until you give your result to him, for the result you should try to provide live data to your customer. So that your customers believe that your work is better than others. Then he will start giving his own money.

The rest of the companies secure themselves by taking money from the customer, even if the customer’s work is not done properly, the customer cannot do anything. But you should put emphasis on protecting your customer first.


7. Build a High Performance Team

To make your team high performance, you have to take many measures like when the team gets tired after working a lot, then send them to watch a motivational movie or send them on a trip, not a small celebration party on the event on a special occasion. can organize Meaning do something so that there is no lack of enthusiasm in your team, they can give their 100 percent to the company at all times.

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