How To Get Pizza Hut Franchise

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How To Get Pizza Hut Franchise 


Get Pizza Hut Franchise
Get Pizza Hut Franchise


In this article, we will know what is a pizza hut? we pizza hut franchise business How can start? Pizza hut franchise How much investment do we need to get? pizza hut franchise cost What is the? Also Pizza Hut Franchise , you will know all the things related to.

The most famous of Western culture food in India is pizza l which is the choice of most Indians after Chinese foods. Therefore, in view of the popularity of western culture food in India, many shops of various types of pizza points are seen on the streets of metropolitan cities. And now this western culture food is becoming popular from small towns to rural areas of India.


What is pizza hut? What is Pizza Hut Franchise?

Pizza hut is the most favorite and famous brand of pizza in the whole world. Come let’s know about this. Friends, you have also heard the name of pizza hut many times or you must have seen pizza hut shops in many places, where people crowd to eat pizza or many types of American-Italian foods.

Pizza Hut is an American restaurant food chain company that was started in 1958 by two brothers, Dan and Frank Carney. And today it has become the biggest brand of pizza in the world. According to a survey of 2018, Pizza Hut has more than 6000 restaurants in America alone and 18431 restaurants in the world. Based on the location, it is the largest pizza chain company in the world.

Pizza hut is the first company that identified Indians with pizza in general. Today it is expanding its business with more than 400 stores in more than 40 cities of India. Pizza Hut started its first store in India in the year 1996 in Bangalore (Bengaluru). And in just 10 to 15 years, more than 400 stores have been started in the country. Pizza Hut is striving to increase its share in the Indian market.

Pizza Hut Franchise is working for its expansion in India through, due to which business with Pizza Hut can be a good idea for us.

In today’s era, pizza is being liked a lot in the metropolis as well as small towns in the country and now in the rural areas too. Due to which pizza hut franchise doing business with can prove to be a good and profitable idea.


Investment required for pizza hut franchise

You know that in order to start any business,(even if it is a franchise business). That’s why we pizza hut franchise need to understand the investment criteria for business as well. Through this article we will understand the investment process of pizza hut franchise.

First of all we pizza franchise cost should understand the. In which we also have to take care of the investment from the land for the business to the staff required for the business, franchise fee, machinery and construction.

  • Pizza hut franchise cost i.e., the franchise fee for 20 years is $25,000, which in Indian practice is around 18 lakh rupees. You can also divide the franchise fee into 3 years, 5 years, 10 years, 15 years.


  • To start Pizza Shop, you need 1000 sq.ft. There is a need to invest in space ranging from 1500 sq.ft, in which if you buy your own land, then the minimum cost is between 25 to 30 lakhs according to the local market.
  • If you do not want to buy your own land, then you can also rent a place at a good location. The estimated cost of which comes at least 10,000 to 15,000 per month.
  • When we pizza hut franchise business start then 6% royalty fee has to be paid on the sale of any product of the company. Apart from this, we also have to pay 4.25% advertising fee on the total sale of pizza hut.
  • Apart from this, we have to manage the cost of construction, designing, setup, manpower (staff) all these.



1 Franchise Fees ₹5-6 lakhs /3 year


2 Shop cost (rent) ₹10,000/ month


3 -15,000(Royalties) Monthly Service Fee 6% of Gross Sales


4 National Advertising 4.25% Gross Sales


5 Other Charges ₹3-5 lakhs



6 Total Investment ₹15-20 lakhs


Apart from the estimated expenses, there may be many other expenses which have not been included in this article.


How to Apply for Pizza Hut Franchise Applying for

Pizza Hut Franchise can be done in a fairly simple manner. For this, more would need to be done, you just have to visit the official website of pizza hut [] . 


As soon as you go to this website, the homepage will open in front of you. Where in the top menu bar you JOIN OUR FAMILY will see the option of. On clicking on it, a new form will open in front of you, which you will have to fill with your details. And click on submit.

You do not need to do anything as soon as the form is submitted, then the company will contact you and tell you the further process.


Is pizza hut franchise beneficial?

Friends, there is no repetition in this that pizza hut is a most popular brand, this company has emerged as a leader in the fast food market like Izza, this company will always prove to be beneficial in a good location.

In India too, a lot of craze for western food culture can be seen, especially in small towns and rural areas. Which seems to be increasing a lot in today’s youth. Hence pizza hut franchise will prove to be very beneficial for you and from your business point of view.



Friends, Pizza Hut Franchise How To Get| How to Get a Pizza Hut Franchise | In pizza hut franchise this article to know about, we have got to know pizza hut franchise all the options offor you. Still, if you have any question or doubt in your mind, then you can ask us through comment.

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