how to start building material business in 2021

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How to start building material business

Hello friends, today we will talk about the business of building materials, if you are willing to invest a lot of capital and want to earn more profit, then you must do this business, because there is a work that goes on continuously and in the future. The demand for this business will always be there, our country is a developing country, so all the time some construction work is going on, in which not only big constructions but houses, shops are always being built, obviously when If such construction will not stop, then its raw material i.e. building material will be required, so you can start a business by investing a lot of capital in its business. So friends, let us know in detail how to start the business of building materials?

how to start building material business in 2021
how to start building material business in 2021


First of all we will know

What is meant by business of building materials?

If you have ever got your house or shop or any kind of construction work done, then you can understand its business very well. Actually, when any construction work is done, it requires many types of building materials like, cement, rebar, angle, brick, ballast, sand or soil and to fulfill these needs, the business that is done is called building Material business.

How to start building material business do market research

Not only building materials, but doing market research before doing any business, that is, checking the market is the hallmark of a good entrepreneur. Therefore, before doing business of building material, you have to check your market whether it is needed in the area where you want to carry out this work or not, many times it happens where we are going to do business. There, many people are already killing flies, that is, it would not be right for you to do any business in such a place, apart from this, you should also see that if any of your rivals are already present in the market, then at what rate they should give an item. And will you also be able to make that item available at the same price? Many times it happens that people working for a long time provide building materials at low cost, their business is stagnant, and because your business is in the initial stage, it becomes your compulsion to charge reasonable price. But in such times one should not panic but focus on your performance.

space requirement

It is very important to have enough space to keep all the items of building material, whether it is ballast, rebar or angle or cement. You cannot keep all the building materials together, it will also be necessary to keep them properly so that you do not have any kind of problem while giving it to the customer, your time can be wasted if the space is tight because one material has to be removed from the other. You will have to remove it from the road, then you will have to work or get it done again to bring it back to the same condition.
For the business of building materials, you will need a minimum space of 50 square feet, apart from this you will need a warehouse of the same size in which you can keep some important materials like cement along with pipes, steel pipes, etc.

necessary equipment

Now know what will be the basic needs to start this business
Before selling a material, it is necessary to weigh it, so you will need one or two weighing scales.
‘Your business is of material, so whoever your customers may be, they will have to buy goods and take them through some vehicle, so you will need a commercial vehicle, commercial connection for electricity, etc. Apart from this, you will need human resources i.e. laborers. You can hire laborers according to your work. now we know that

Cost to start a building material business

It is very important to know that how much will be the total cost in this business, so I would like to say in simple language that it depends on your financial capability that how much amount you can invest to do this business. Generally, 20 to 25 lakhs are required to do this business, in which if you add the cost of building materials, then it can be even more, although you can start from a small level, although you have The option of loan is also available but, in the beginning, doing business by taking loan will not be able to give that much profit, so start the business at least cost and take loan according to the demand of the market, there are many building material sellers who have all the materials. All of them are in borrowing only, as the sale takes place, so does their payment. The advantage of this is that you only have to spend money on your own resources.

License for building material business

To start this business, it is very important for you to have a license issued by any authority. You will have to get industry registration for your business under MSME, apart from this you have to get trade license and GST registration, business license not only saves you from government affair but it also helps you to take loan.

How to market building material business?

Marketing is the means of a business, on the basis of which the business can reach many places, nowadays many types of marketing have come, especially social media, Google, but this type of marketing for any small items like everyday items, clothes etc. used here
The business of building material is completely practical, here only the customers who buy the goods come here, so for this business you have to adopt completely traditional marketing such as print media, television, local news channel or magazine, pamphlet etc.

How much can one earn from building materials business?

This business is also called a very profitable business. But whatever be the business, you can benefit more only when you do not have any rival, people come only and only to you, but what if you are surrounded by your rivals?
Then it is wrong to say that your profit will not be there. You must have seen that many brands of the same product are available in the market, some are cheap and some will be expensive. But it is that which is durable and good. In the same way, no matter how many problems you want, you can maintain your separate identity by keeping the price and quality of your product better in the market and one thing is that dealing with the customer is very important in this business. Maintain good dealings with customers. As far as the profit is concerned, the more customers will come to you, the profit will be the same, apart from this, if you are thinking of earning 15 thousand by investing 10 thousand then it is wrong. Your budget will be more than the demand of the customer, then only the profit can be more.

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