how to start small scale industry / how to start laghu udyog in 2021

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 how to start small scale industry /  how to start laghu udyog 


 Ever since the corona virus has come, there has been an increase in the number of new startups in the world. People have done many such business in less money, which they would not have even thought about. especially ‘small scale industries’,

how to start laghu udyog in 2021
how to start laghu udyog in 2021

There are many types of small scale industries, in less money, many people are like this, they start new work from family members only. Which are also called cottage industries.

Today there are so many opportunities to do business which can be done in very less money and in the need of least number of people. 

Sometimes, the irregularity of money also becomes a hindrance in starting any industry. Often there are many people who want to do small scale industry but due to lack of money or time they are not able to start it.

However, for the information of small scale industries, I would like to tell you that there are three types of small scale industries which come under the category of least cost industries. What is the name of small scale industry?


What is small scale industry?What Is Laghu Udyog?

Such an industry in which a commodity is produced in low cost and less labor is called small scale industry. There are three types of small scale industries,

first micro industries, second medium industries and third small industries, their cost range can be from at least 25 lakhs to 10 crores.

How to start small scale industry in 6 steps

1. Select Industry

Considering the demand of the market, choose the industry that you can do. If you avoid doing an industry or business in which you are not interested, often a successful entrepreneur can become one who is passionate about his work. 

Therefore, the industry you are thinking of setting up or want to set up, then first keep in mind whether you can do your 100% in it or not. If you are already interested in some other business then you should give preference to that business only. 

Do not take any work as small, but keep looking for possibilities in it all the time. Examine the market, estimate its demand and value before setting up an industry, invest capital in an industry that will run successfully in the present as well as in the future.


2. Choose a Location

Before choosing the place, first of all find the right place for that industry because the first and biggest problem is that you will have less profit and more loss due to not having the right place.

And even if there is no loss, then the profit will be so low that you will not be able to carry forward your business. 

Which is called loss in business, both your time and money will be spent but you will not be able to progress. Due to being in the wrong place, customers will not be able to see your product or your shop,

which will create minimum number of customers, there will be trouble in marketing the product and customer feedback will not be available which is one of the reasons for the failure of the business. 


You will have to deal with the problem of raw material never being available or not being available on time, due to which you will lose your customers as well as demand will not be able to meet which can be negative for your business. 

To make the business successful, the most important thing is to attract the customers, which is the biggest task in any case. And choosing a wrong location can make it very difficult to attract customers.

So friends, before setting up the industry, take care of the above mentioned things.


3. Make a plan by doing market research

Before starting any industry, make a plan by doing research in the market, see what is being sold in the market, how it is being sold and how much is its price, at what price it is being sold, keeping all these things in mind, decide. 

Whether you will be able to give the already available price and quality in the market to whatever item you make, because if your product will not have quality and the price will be high, then you will not be able to last long, there is an era of competition. 

Try to create a new identity for your product, the plan made before starting the industry not only gives you support but also tells you what to do when. Where to invest, when to produce more. Add all these things to your plan. 

Before starting a business, take care of such points in your plan which are necessary, such as if your competitor starts giving cheaper and better goods than you, then what should you do in such a situation?

You should not let your weaknesses show in the market, this keeps people’s attitude towards your product right.

4. Get Licensed and Registered

Many times it happens that some people start business but are unable to pay attention to the legal process or ignore this thing, as a result your competitors take advantage of it and try to create hurdles in the business.

Almost every middle class person in India sometimes avoids to bear its expenses in his business. 


But without the legal process, you can run the business only until you start running your business properly. Therefore, in order to run your business without any hindrance, you have to get the legal process i.e. license and registration done.

 Another advantage of registering a business is that when you take a loan for the industry from anywhere, you can also apply for government subsidy along with it.

The government is also running many schemes to promote small scale industries. However, if your industry is not very big then you can run without a license.


5. Create Quality Products

See, this is the most important point, you must know that the quality of a product is its quality. Therefore, if you make any product, try to give it a different identity, both Pepsi and Coca-Cola companies make the same product, or take soap,

whether it is Lux or Dove, both companies are completely successful in their place, because even though They make similar products but both have their own distinct identity.

 Nowadays there is no dearth of small scale industries in the area where you are and if you are thinking of making a product there, then there will be many like you, so research the market and make your product in the quality and price already available in the market. make available to


6. Focus on Marketing

You cannot be successful without marketing, marketing is that aspect of the business, on the basis of which a business moves forward on its own.

Minimize the use of traditional methods available in the market for marketing, and do more through online, social media because with traditional methods you may have to spend a lot for marketing, 

but in online marketing, you can only give those people your own. Can show products that will be your real customers. On top of this, you can read this post of ours that how you should adopt the method of marketing.

You can create your own website for your industry, so that you can give complete information about your product to the people without coming in contact.

Apart from this, nowadays small and big industries are selling their malls through e-commerce platform, you can also give your product on e-commerce. 

Why don’t you make any product, read this post so that you will know which e-commerce platform will be best for your product.


laghu udyog

Be it industry or any business, you will learn as much as you know, you must have ever noticed why the burger maker on the sidewalk is not as famous as McDonald’s burgers are famous,

because they have the complete process of making burgers, their service It bursts, the taste is the same. 

Their numbers are high, you don’t have to wait for the burger. All this happens with only one process, so you should also try to create a process in your business so that your product becomes famous in less time and in less cost.

Apart from this, there are many such aspects which are very important to understand.

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